A conceptual model for technology intelligence


Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of the latest technology developments and trends. Technology intelligence provides an organisation with the capability to capture and deliver information in order to develop an awareness of technology threats and opportunities. A conceptual model has been developed to support the establishment and operation of technology intelligence systems. The model consists of three tiers: (a) a framework level, (b) a system level, and (c) a process level. The ‘framework’ level maps the information requirements and knowledge gaps of the decision-makers to the business intelligence activities of an organisation. The ‘system’ level provides a mechanism to both tailor and configure a system architecture and its operational modes (mine, trawl, target, scan) to the actual intelligence needs. The ‘process’ level consists of an operating cycle for running a technology intelligence system. The cycle is composed of six phases, namely: coordinate, search, filter, analyse, document and disseminate.

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