A hybrid selection Model for emerging Technology


Technology selection, which influences the advantages of an enterprise or a country, is a multicriteria decision issue that can be improved by integrating differentmethods. In addition, it ismore and more difficult to identify the right technologies because the technologies are increasing in number and complexity. This study proposes a technology selection process integrating fuzzy Delphi method, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), and patent co-citation approach (PCA) for technology selection. The former effectively gathers experts' judgments toward technology selection criteria and conducts the fuzziness existing in their responses. The analytic hierarchy process has the strength of identifying criteria and obtaining their relationship and theirweights. The patent co-citation approach identifies the major R&D fields of a specific technology from patent data. Through this proposed process, the key technology fields can be identified in the end. The organic lightemitting diode (OLED) technology inTaiwan is used to be an example to illustrate the proposed technology selection process.

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