A new method to evaluate the specific and global advantage of a technology


A new method is proposed for assessing a nzw technology, with reference to either the spectfic (internal) or the socio-economic advamzge. The method consists in the fixation of the parameters that must be used for the assessmeII *, and the algorithmf or their synthesis. The fixed parameters are technical and economic, For the internal advantage they are process reliability, process capability, real potentia!, flexibility, added product value in relation to materials and energ! ) and added product value in relation to work and amortization. For the external (soci l-economic) advantage they are added valw of induced production, induced investrnt~1! l, l changes in global employment levels, change in the intellectual employment, i.7t erna l and external environmental protection and safety costs, and changes in balance of trade of base products and of technology. The algorithms 3 Taposed are graphic and algebraic. The graphic method, using nomograms, involves the pairwise coupling of the parameters, by obtaining inter.mediate (or sub-) indices of the first and second level. The algebraic method usesJ”ormulae that also give intermediate values of the first and second level, then the two indices referred to the internal and external advantages, andfinally the global advantage index. The algebraic J *othod is the more accurate because the graphic method is sensitive to the scale chosen. i * , iations may be introduced in the method, especially in the weight of each parameter.

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