Visualization of patent analysis for emerging technology


Many methods have been developed to recognize those progresses of technologies, and one of them is to analyze patent information. And visualization methods are considered to be proper for representing patent information and its analysis results. However, current visualization methods for patent analysis patent maps have some drawbacks. Therefore, we propose an alternative visualization method in this paper. With colleted keywords from patent documents of a target technology field, we cluster patent documents by the k-Means algorithm. With the clustering results, we form a semantic network of keywords without respect of filing dates. And then we build up patent map by rearranging each keyword node of the semantic network according to its earliest filing date and frequency in patent documents. Our approach contributes to establishing a patent map which considers both structured and unstructured items of a patent document. Besides, differently from previous visualization methods for patent analysis, ours is based on forming a semantic network of keywords from patent documents. And thereby it visualizes a clear overview of patent information in a more comprehensible way. And as a result of those contributions, it enables us to understand advances of emerging technologies and forecast its trend in the future.

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