A Pragmatic View of Knowledge and Boundaries: Boundary Objects in New Product Development


Thiss tudyex ploretsh ep remisteh atk nowledgien n ewp roduct developmenptr ovesb otha barrierto anda sourceo f innova- tion.T o understantdh ep roblematnica ture of knowledgaen d theb oundarietsh atr esulta,n ethnographsitcu dyw as usedt o understanhdo wk nowledgies structurdedif ferentalcyr osst he fourp rimaryfu nctions thata red ependenotn eacho therin the creationan dp roductioonf a high-volume product. Apragmatic view of "knowledgein practice"i s developed,d escribing knowledgaes localized, embeddeda,n di nvested within af unc- tiona nd how,w henw orkingac rossf unctions, consequences oftena riset hatg enerate problematkicn owledge boundaries. The use of a boundaryob jecti s thend escribedas a meanso f representinlgea,r ningab out,a nd transformiknngo wledgeto resolvet hec onsequencetsh ate xista ta givenb oundary. Finally, thisp ragmativci ewo fk nowledgaen db oundarieiss proposed as a framewortko r evisitth ed ifferentiatainondi ntegratioonf knowledge.

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