Assessment Framework for Evaluation and Prioritization of University Inventions for Licensing and Commercialization

The rise in university technology transfer and licensing activities has overstretched the human and financial resources of the licensing and technology management offices of many U.S. universities. This research proposes a framework to properly predict and identify which of the university’s intellectual properties, inventions, or technology discoveries have an above-average licensing and commercialization potential, so limited human and financial resources could be allocated for the pursuit of truly important breakthrough discoveries. This research will identify the determinants and decision factors that influence or impact the licensing and commercialization of university technologies, determine their relative importance, identify the most current and up-to-date technology selection criteria used by the most influential corporate technology licensing professionals, and develop a framework to assist in the assessment of the potential viability of the university’s technologies for licensing and commercialization. For your paper to be published in the conference proceedings, you must use this document as both an instruction set and as a template into which you can type your own text. If your paper does not conform to the required format, you will be asked to fix it. The abstract portion is a narrative presentation without references. The abstract should give a concise and informative description of the paper, between 80 to 300 words. Its left and right margin must be equal to 3.5 cm.
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