Re-Vamping & Strengthening of National R&D System: Need for demand driven research

The analysis of the current state of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in the developing countries like Pakistan reveals that this sector has not shown real impact on the economy of the country during the last couple of decades. These countries have been unable to formulate STI policy for the systematic development and to become a part of the global knowledge society. A well-defined vision, objectives and clear road-map is required for a country to accomplish quality in different areas of Science and Technology. The public sector R & D centers along with private sector can play a vital role to boost Science, Technology, and innovation for the economic development of the country. An effective frame-work for Science, Technology and Innovation can be created by creating synergy and coordination between sectoral polices in higher education institutes, industry, Public sector R & D organization and technology parks. This paper indicates the problems in the present R & D system and the areas due to which there is no innovation and commercialization. Some key factors that contributes to National R & D system have been identified. The countries in the Asian region have been analyzed based on the identifies factor. The paper also presents suggestions to the policy makers and other stake holders to put STI at the core of national socio-economic development agenda. The eventual aim of this analysis is to produce improved socio-economic environment in various areas of a society in the developing country
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